When things go wrong, hope whispers...."Try it one more time."


Welcome, all!

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We’re just four friends trying to build our families.........and nobody told us it would be this difficult.  Although infertility, loss and birth story blogs aren’t unique, one site with many different perspectives might be.  We each have a story and not one is the same.  One is trying for their Rainbow baby, one has their Rainbow baby, one is building through adoption while another is trying to build through IVF.  No matter how our children come to us, we can guarantee there will be tears, struggle and hope. That’s really what this blog is about…..Hope.  Because no matter how hard it is to get our babies here, we continue with Hope.  We want this to be a safe place.  A place where our stories can be told and questions can be asked.  We’ve been there.  We know the difficulties and we also know the joy.  And we find ourselves lucky enough to have each other.