I'm Alli.  I've been married to the cute guy in the picture for 12 years.  Most of our married life has been filled with trials, but thankfully, one of the reasons I married Paul was for his sense of humor, so we've managed to make it through them by laughing.  After trying for many years for a child, we were blessed with our adorable son through the wonderful miracle of adoption.  He is my everything and has brought me more happiness than I ever knew was possible.  We have an open adoption with his wonderful birth mom, who we respect and love!  We are in the process of getting approved to adopt so we can try for baby #2.  Even though there are always challenges in life, it helps having strong family and friends to make it easier.  While we were going through infertility and researching adoption, it helped to find others that had been in my same shoes.  I hope that by sharing my story, it will help others, the same way it helped me.